what do you offer at your studio?

i offer three distinct services - handpoked tattoos, tarot readings, and ritual practice

is the booking process the same for each one?

nope! I have separate intake forms for each process, which can be found at the “find me” tab of my website. the booking forms for ritual practice and tarot readings are always open, and tattoo booking opens once a month, on the 25th at 10am.

can I read about all of them here?

sure can! below you’ll find (in order): tattoo qs, ritual practice qs, and tarot qs


how fast does tattoo booking fill up?

I’m tattooing less often than I used to (to make room for ritual practice and tarot readings!) so tattoo booking can fill very quickly- anywhere between a couple hours and a couple days. when the booking limit is reached, the link will default back to this message: Tattoo booking opens each month on the 25th at 10am EST (unless otherwise posted here). so if you are seeing that message it means that books are full.

do you have a waitlist?

at this time, I don’t offer a waitlist. i tried it for a while, but i was rarely getting around to my waitlist, so it didn’t feel particularly effective.

What hours is your studio open? 

My fall/winter hours are weekdays 9am-6pm (last tattoo appointments start at 4pm, last rp/ tarot appointments start at 5pm)

My spring/summer hours are 11am-8pm (last appointments start at 6pm)

Why are your hours seasonal? 

keepin myself healthy means ebbing with the seasons. I like to leave the studio before dark - or not too long after. So I shift my hours with the light.

Do you ever work on the weekends? 

No, holding the weekend as time to spend with my sweetie and my friends is really important to me.

What is a "Flash" tattoo? 

"Flash" refers to a rotating selection of drawings that I have already created and would be happy to tattoo. They aren't exclusive - meaning I do sometimes tattoo them more than once - but I try to put an individual detail in each iteration so that no two tattoos are exactly alike. you can peep my flash at here - which I try to update as the flash changes and morphs. 

What if I want a flash piece with some slight variations? 

It depends on the variations but I'm certainly open to it! I have a space for that kind of request on my booking form. 

What is a Sigil and why did you stop doing them? 

Sigils (pronounced sih - jils) are magic symbols meant to contain a power, energy, or purpose, unique and legible only to the creator. I didn't invent them, a friend of mine who practices witchraft taught me about them and I so enjoyed making them that my roommate joined and made one she wanted me to tattoo on her.... that's how they got folded into the tattoo practice. 

I've been crafting sigils for/with other peopel for 3 years, and each time I begin it still feels a little uncharted to me. There is some underlying structure that I use to get us into the process: If you are booking for a sigil, I will ask you to write me a little bit about what's goin on for you in this moment - what would you like to focus the sigil on? is there a person, event or transition you'd like to honor? a kind of energy you need brought closer to you, or desire to ward off? growth you'd like to encourage or foster? this info can be your own writing, images, music, poetry, a combination....

Based on that info I prepare some sketches which we use as a starting point for finding your sigil - but the bulk of the design happens collaboratively in the first hour of our appointment. 

After the tattoo, I'll send you home with the final drawing of the sigil and suggest you activate the symbol by burning, burying, or dissolving its paper form.

Can I see the sketches ahead of time? 

most of the time for sigils, I will wait to do sketches until we are in the room together... the process works best when we are able to talk and respond in real time together, and I don't always like to pre-impose a sigil structure before I meet you - unless I have a strong feeling of what it wants to be. If i do any in-advance sketches, i would do them each morning, for whichever appointments I have that day... so there are in fact no sketches for you to see ahead of time!

do you have/provide info on how colors will work on medium to dark skin tones?

absolutely. on my booking form, there is the option to request a color-test which is for the express purpose of helping folks understand how the colors will interact with their particular tone and melanin level. if you indicate you’d like a color test, I will book a mini-appointment in advance of our actual appointment when we can test the colors and give them a chance to heal.

how do you test colors?

by tattooing a small amount of each color and allowing it to heal. I have a flash sheet of very simple, tiny designs that can incorporate about three colors, and are discrete. You can choose something from the flash sheet of small sigils and doodles, or choose a simple “swatch” design (which is basically three hatch-marks .5 cm long each)

can anyone come get a color test?

it’d get sticky for me to question anyone’s request for a color test, however, i will say here that I did not build this option so that anyone can see the color in advance. if someone has light skin, the inks will read relatively true to the way they look in the bottle. I built this option because there is not adequate information or documentation of how inks look when they interact with melanin in darker skin tonew. the lack of info on how ink color meets melanin perpetuates a reality in which folks with lighter skin feel more comfortable choosing color, their tattooers feel more confident using color on them, and thus documentation of color inks in light skin abounds. this hole in our collective information demonstrates a lack of investment in poc experience. until comprehensive color information is available for my clients with medium to dark skin tones, I’ll be offering these color tests (and continuing to build documentation so that we can keep that information base growing.)

what if I’d like to sleep on it before committing to design?

I would NEVER (!!) ever (!!) want anyone to feel pressured to get a tattoo they aren’t sure about. if we design your sigil and you are not feeling ready to commit, we simply settle up for design time (my usual hourly rate) and schedule a follow-up for the actual tattoo. it doesn’t happen that often, but when it does it makes sense. your agency over your body and what goes on/in it is tremendously important to me. If you are fairly certain this is going to be the workflow you need, communicate that to me via email when we are booking - knowing in advance can help me plan our appointment accordingly.

How much does a sigil typically cost?  

Sigil appointments typically cost between 100-200 at my standard hourly rate. 

Why so much for such a little mark? 

It's all dependent on the design time. Sigils often take as long to design as they do to tattoo!

Do you ever do custom drawings?

I have officially closed the chapter of custom drawings. This means I’ve narrowed the practice to making sigils (custom in their own way) and flash drawings- or adaptations from flash drawings. Though I deeply love hearing custom ideas and the thrill of manifesting that for someone, it’s time to refocus on the imagery, themes and content that call to me. I noticed that custom work kept leaving me feeling dispersed, off the path, a little out of it - and that’s not how I want to connect with you all. This craft is stranger and more mercurial than I ever expected (the “soft chaos” i have referred to on insta) It can be difficult to claim desires as valid when they are erratic, non-linear, illogical, intangible... especially with choices that effect our livelihood or bring us into conflict with what people seem to want us to deliver. But if there’s anything I want to bring into the world, it’s permission to get specific, be complex, pay attention. I feel SO much gratitude that not a one person has made me feel bad about all the fluctuation and trial that I’ve been doing to build systems that keep me healthy/happy. It is a testament to how flexible, caring and creative you all are. Thank you so so much. I believe that by deepening here ( 🌬) I’ll actually be able to bring more abundant skill & magic & nourishment to the space between us

Why isn't tattoo booking always open? 

tattoo Booking is an overwhelming process, and when it was always open, I was always on my computer or phone. Opening it for short periods of time keeps the workload realistic for me and helps me have space to respond to each inquiry without exhaustion, dropped threads, or too much back-and-forth. It also keeps the booking closer to our actual appointment time, so I tend to get fewer cancellations or scheduling shifts then I did when I let folks book months in advance. 

What if I have a question but your booking form isn't open?

I know it can be hard, but please wait to ask until my booking form is open. There is a space on the bottom of the form for questions - which you can fill out EVEN IF you aren't ready to commit to a tattoo. Just fill out the contact portion of the form, and scroll to the bottom to write your question. 

Why don't you like DMs?

It is hard for me to see an inquiry and not answer it - I'm a human and I love other humans and when I've seen you asked me a Q or sent me a message, it doesn't feel good to ignore it.... but it also doesn't feel good to constantly tresspass my own boundaries around screen-time. If you are sending a friendly message of support - yes! thank you, I'm so tremendously grateful for those. But if you have questions, please refer to this page first and make sure I haven't answered them here. I've worked really hard to create these pathways for us to connect that enable me to meet you with openness and a rested heart. When folks DM me instead of using those pathways it can sometimes feel inconsiderate.

I don't live near you and I don't think I'll ever be able to travel to you NYC... do you sell designs or do sigil appointments from afar?

I sure do. Flash designs are sliding scale $30-60. And afar sigils are sliding scale $50-75. Occassionally, I won't have the bandwidth to work with someone afar, if my schedule is too packed... but I do my best to get everybody the work if they want it. 

How should I inquire about working with you from afar?

The same as in person! keep a lookout for when booking opens and fill out my booking form.

How does your pricing work? 

I work on a sliding scale - it is self selecting. You do not need to explain or prove your rate - I trust you all to pick the rate appropriate to you:

Reduced Rate: $75 - 100/hr, with a 1hr minimum. This rate is available to folks making minimum wage, less than $16,500/year, or folks who are under considerable financial stress (for i.e. student debt, single parent, medical debt, etc…)

Standard Rate: $100/hr, with a 1hr minimum. (usually puts small tattoos $100-170, mids $170-300, & large/super complex tats $250 and upwards)

Higher Rate: $100-150. This range is available for folks who make +$50,000/yr or have inherited wealth and would like to choose to pay a higher rate. This makes it possible for me to provide the reduced rate for those making $11/hr, on Medicaid, or otherwise disenfranchised.  

Why do you work on a sliding scale? 

I fundamentally believe that all work deserves a living wage, that the current minimum wage is NOT a living wage, and that economic inequality has nothing to do with work ethic, grit, or capability...  Our current economic system - built on a history of stolen land, forced labor, oppression and abuse - is rife with descrimination on the basis of race, class, gender, sexuality, and profession. Until our society takes a collective turn toward a more equal footing for all and embraces solutions like reparations and universal healthcare, I feel it is essential to the ethical hygene of my practice that I use a sliding scale.

Is There a deposit? 

I ask for a $50 deposit at the time of booking which is deducted from the total at the end of our appontment. The deposit is non-refundable BUT if given at least 48hrs notice, I'm happy to transfer the deposit to a rescheduled date.

For extremely large pieces, I may ask for a more proportionate deposit.

Why do you have the deposit? 

When there was no deposit, I got a lot more schedule shuffling and no-shows. I needed a way to express to folks that when I block off time for us, I am also budgeting that income, and when peopel cancel last minute I lose some stability. I needed a buffer for myself so that when I got a no-show, I didn't need to freak out about the financial hit. That said, it's still stressful when people don't show up or when they cancel with little warning... so please try not to do that :) 

Why do tattoos cost so much?

Tattooers are doing A LOT of hours of work outside of your appointment in order to make that appointment possible; hours of emailing - with people who end up coming in, and people who never end up coming in - planning a calendar, building and revising booking forms, researching waivers, prepping tax info (b/c we're mostly self-employed so you know that's a nightmare if you don't stay on top of it), purchasing liability insurance, managing a website and instagram, updating new drawings to your flash, reordering and restocking supplies, doing research on technique improvement, trips to the licensing office, finding and renting and cleaning and upkeeping a studio space, managing safe sharps (needle) disposal... all that work, plus the cost of supplies and space rental gets factored in when deciding what hourly rate makes sense. So though it might seem like an expensive "hour" just think of that hour as more of an acordion shape... it looks small when it's all folded up, but as soon as you open up the folds there’s a broad supportive structure.

_____________ritual practice__________________________________________

What's the Ritual Practice stuff you do? 

!! thanks for asking !! I'm really excited to share it! Ritual practice